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Live Virtual Breathwork Journey- Donation-Based

April 13 @ 6:00 pm

About Conscious Breathwork

Conscious Breathwork is an accelerated healing modality using a technique called circular/connected breathing. By taking in such a large amount of Prana, energetic blockages that stem all the way back to birth trauma are able to naturally release, healing conditions at the root cause.

You will enter into a deeply relaxed meditative state with ease, where stuck energy and subconscious patterns naturally release. No experience required! The technique brings your entire being into resonance with thriving health, limitless creativity, and profound levels of clarity. The session is done lying down and releases stagnant energy, which is often the root cause of stress and illness.

Experience major shifts in just one session!

This specific technique called circular-connected breathing is a powerful inner journey that releases

-Inhibited breathing patterns
-Limiting subconscious conditioning
-Tension/stress patterns
-Physical pain
-Birth/womb trauma
-Creative blocks
-and so much more

Rhythmical breathing brings us into harmonious vibration with nature, which allows our entire being to naturally heal and integrate anything out of balance. Breathing is the most effective way to access Prana in its freest form, and by storing this life-force energy, we tap into our latent powers and radiant health.
We are not just breathing the oxygen in the air, which is appropriated by the blood and carried to all parts of the body to heal and replenish the entire system, but also Prana or ‘life-force’, which is appropriated by the nervous system to aid in thinking, willing, acting, etc. One who has mastered the science of storing away Prana, either consciously or unconsciously, often radiates vitality and health.


How It Works Virtually
This journey will be live streamed and guided along the way by Aja and Danny. We will either have a specific playlist or live musician. We will spend the first 15-20 minutes going over logisitics and breathwork explanation. The journey will be 1 hour with the option to stay in savasana after.

Steps to prepare:

1. Download Zoom
2. Set up a comfortable nest with a mat/pad, blankets, pillow under head and knees, eye mask (optional). If you must do in your bed we recommend lying a different direction.
3. Arrive 5 minutes early to settle in.
4. Turn off phone and other devices.
5. We highly request you to keep your camera on and set up so we can see at least from the waist up.
6. We will be available for personal support throughout the session and after via phone or zoom chat. Aja ~ 970-819-3981, Danny ~ 231-343-4070.

There are two payment options for attending this event. See below for the sliding scale option. Adjust the quantity to 1 to select this ticket option. To deselect this option you will need to update the quantity back to 0.
It is important to us at Find My Zen & Inner Light Revival that the offering is financially accessible. If the full donation ticket option is out of the range of what you feel you can contribute, please feel into an amount that feels comfortable and type it in to the right. Conversely if you would like to make a larger contribution, that is appreciated.
⤐ Get this journey for FREE when you join our community on Patreon! The monthly membership includes a monthly virtual live breathwork journey + simple breathwork practices uploaded weekly.


About Inner Light Revival

Aja Rose used this powerful breathing technique to heal her chronic migraines of 22 years after just a few sessions. She co-facilitates with her brother Danny Balgooyen, and they believe that our breath is one of the most effective healing tools available to us. They are passionate about creating heart-centered containers for us to recognize the light within through breath, music, connection, dance and nature. They have trained under Sondra Ray, Danae Shanti, Dharma Devi, Ashanna Solaris, Norman Allard, and Chandra Andrea Polyak. They are based in Boulder, CO. Learn more at

About Find My Zen

Find My Zen can now help you find daily online classes from your favorite local studios and teachers, discover awesome virtual experiences happening throughout the world, and connect digitally with community through our own co-created video/discussion network. Discover more at

About DJ Mahatma

Steven blends his eclectic musical influences into ecstatic DJ and breathwork sets crafted to bring audiences into their hearts. His taste ranges from downtempo bass music to uplifting trance and EDM. His breathwork sets include a mix of meditative soundscapes and driving, beat-based original tracks to evoke deep processes. Each DJ Mahatma set is unique, crafted in the moment. He believes that the rhythms and tones of music have the power to connect us with our Highest Self.

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